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From the past, applicants have shared how their search for a university comes down to more than just a name or reputation; they’re interested in finding a place where they can thrive. Many of our undergraduates felt they belonged to CU just from their testimonials. I’m thrilled that CU in just 11years as affected many destinies and we have been able to convey the essence of this university in those years.

The facts are all around—the incredible research, courses, global experiences, and perspectives of our students—vividly show how CU is a perfect fit for the students who ultimately come here.

Take the graduating class of 2013 who provided Hebron FM. Or the graduating class we built the Perfect Arch on your way to the halls of residence. Read through the “Life After CU” page for more.

Register your email account as you anxiously await your decisions, we will continue doing our jobs to keep you filled in on CU happenings and interesting bits of information. And regardless of whether you are accepted and decide to attend CU or not, I hope you always find ways to dare yourself to keep growing.

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