Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does Covenant University offer Medicine, Law, Aeronautics Engineering and Nursing?

A: No

Q:  Does Covenant University offer Mechatronics Engineering?

A:   Not yet

Q:  Does Covenant University accept direct entry or transfer student from another University?

A: No

Q: What is the range of the school fees in Covenant University?

A: The school fee across programmes for the current session is available online. However, Fees are reviewed periodically when necessary.

Q: Does the school fees cover accommodation?

A: The fees cover tuition, accommodation and other facilities required for learning.

Q: Does the school fees cover feeding?

A: The fee does not cover feeding. Students are expected to have personal feeding allowances and purchase their meals as desired from the Cafeteria.

Q:  Does Covenant University conduct post-UTME exercise?

A: Yes, Covenant University conducts post-UTME screening for new students which is called Covenant University Scholastic Aptitude Screening also known as CUSAS.

Q: Do I need to come to Covenant University to obtain the application form?

A: The application form can be only obtained online. Visit admission.covenantuniversity.edu.ng.

The form is made available after the release of UTME results.