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Welcome to CU, Class of 2017!

Over a decade ago, I walk into the WMA at Iyana Ipaja and I sat for what we then called CUSAT. The crowd that wanted what I came for (i.e. Aptitude Test) was huge, but my mind was made up, it has to be CU this year; "I said to myself". The exam ended and we all went back home. Days later I sat at home, still wondering if all was well with my admission, then suddenly, the list of about 1500 students came out with my name on it. Even now I can remember how excited I was, as a secondary school leaver, look continuously on the long list, anxiously hoping for good news, it suddenly hit me that my life’s story was heading for something great. After scanning through, yelling to anyone who was willing to hear me: “I GOT INTO CU!”

It is with no less excitement that I write to you today, 11years later (or a lifetime for many of you), as a double alumnus of CU. On behalf of the University I want to thank you for your interest in CU. We consider it a pretty spectacular place, and we are happy to find out that you agree.

So, congratulations!

While the admissions officials like to think about the time they spent reviewing applications, I’d like to take a minute to appreciate all that you put into your applications. Each of you spent a lifetime establishing who you are and where your passions lie, years working hard in and outside of the classroom, hours and hours in testing centers, and even more hours trying to see if you can match the CU standard. We value all the time you spent putting yourself out there.

So in our months of reviewing your applications, what did we learn? We learned that you’re an immensely talented, accomplished, and impressive group of students. Check out what your future CU friends have been doing with their time on our Admission site. We learned that you’re incredibly smart, in fact, the most academically accomplished amongst your peers.

The choice of where to spend the next four years is up to you. For many of you, it is the most important choice you will make in your life so far. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice—there is no wrong choice. Wherever you go, your only job is to make the most of the resources around you. Your undergraduate years should prepare you for the next chapter of your life (i.e., “The real world”). They should be filled with challenges and victories. They should excite you and sometimes terrify you. But most importantly, they should prepare you for the future. The choice is yours. We believe that CU will provide you with the best foundation possible to prepare you for the rest of your life.

Congratulations, again! God Bless U and I hope to see you on campus in August/September!


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