Undergraduate Application (International)


International students are applicants who have been educated in an institution outside their country of residence or citizens of countries other than Nigeria. They could also be Nigerians who have been educated abroad or citizenship of another country beside Nigeria either by birth or naturalization (dual citizenship).

A prospective international student must hold international passports from another country besides Nigeria and must have been outside the country for more than two (2) years and also possess a high school/college certificate that is equivalent to Nigerian Senior secondary school result

It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit all required documents by the given lifeline. Neither the Admissions Office nor the Departments can assume the responsibility of informing the applicant about incomplete, wrong, or missing records.

Covenant University will not release any document (original, photocopied, or electronic) to the student or a third party after they have been filed as application records. Suppose application documents are forged, falsified, or altered. In that case, the Admissions Office will notify all relevant officials, and submitting such illegal documents will disqualify an applicant for admission.
Kindly visit: https://admportal.covenantuniversity.edu.ng to fill the application form.


  • You are required to upload the following documents as your application is considered completed if you successfully upload the documents:
  • Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose (not more than 500-words) should be prepared and submitted online with the application. The personal statement should address your academic interests and professional objectives, visions, and goals for life. Please review the programmes (https://admission.covenantuniversity.edu.ng/) for different colleges for details.

  • Birth Certificate
  • College/High School result and transcript from grade 9-12
  • International passport
  • Letter of Sponsorship which is to be written and signed by Parent/Sponsor
  • Recent passport photograph. Upload a full length coloured picture of the applicant in a standing position (5x7)



NOTE: All documents must be in PDF format and should not be more than 200kb.

The passport photograph must be in JPEG and should not be more than 100kb



The application form processing fee is One Hundred USD ($100). 

Payable to:


Account Name:                  Covenant University

Account Number:               5070002387 (USD)

Beneficiary Address:           Canaanland, Km 10, Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State

Bank Name:                        Zenith Bank Plc

Bank Address:                     G.R.A Ikeja, Lagos

Zenith Bank Swift Code:     ZEIBNGLA


Intermediary:                      CITIBANK N.A

                                    Canada square, canary wharf, London E14 5LB

IBAN Number:                  GB80CITI18500810407941

Account No:                       10407941(USD)

Swift Address:                     CITIGB2L

Sort Code:                           18-50-08



Account Name:                    Covenant University

Account Number:                0051455340 (USD)

Bank Name:                         Access Bank


Intermediary Bank:            Citibank New Yoke, 111 Wall Street, New Yoke

Swift Code:                          CITIUS33

Routing no:                          021000089


Beneficiary Bank:                  Access Bank Plc

Swift Code:                           ABNGNGLA

Access bank’s acct with Citibank: 36145842


Immigration Qualification Requirements

This guide is for students of Foreign Nationality that have secured admission to study at Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria.

  1. Such students must possess a duly authorized and current admissions letter by the Covenant University Registrar. All details appearing on this letter must align with all legal documents owned by the prospective student.
  2. Before entry into Nigeria, an admitted student must possess the requisite visa to validate his length/purpose of stay in the country. Nigerian visas are obtained in the countries where prospective students are domiciled or the nearest Nigerian Mission nearest to their Countries of residence.
  3. Admitted foreign nationals must apply for the Subject To Regularization (STR) visa/entry permit.
  4. Cerpac Guidelines
  5. Admitted foreign nationals must have the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC). In doing so, you must purchase a CR (Concessionary) form for $200. It is meant for missionaries, students, Non-ECOWAS African nationals, and Cameroonians.
  6. General Instructions:
  7. The CERPAC form as endorsed is valid for three (3) months from the date of purchase.
  8. Please endorse the two sample forms when collecting the CERPAC Guidelines booklet.
  9. Please read through both forms carefully before completing them.
  10. Use a black pen and complete the forms in capital letters.
  11. Please note the following:
  12. Please preserve the envelope containing the CERPAC pack. You will require this envelope when submitting your forms and documents.
  13. All fees paid to obtain forms are not refundable.

iii. In the event of loss of form(s), a replacement will be treated as a new issue and will attract the original fees.

  1. Any erasure, cancellation, or defacement of any sort on the forms will make your submission invalid.
  2. Any form(s) voided as in 2.4 (above) must be returned as a complete set to the bank (it was purchase from) for a replacement. This replacement attracts a service charge and pack’s cost of N2,500 (Two Thousand, Five Hundred Naira) payable to the bank.
  3. Other requirements:
  4. Three “2 x 2” passport photographs on white background should be submitted with the completed forms. One of the photographs should be attached to the bottom right-hand side of the CERPAC form titled “Receipt and Temporary Card."
  5. Append your signature beside your photograph attached on the form (as in 3.1 above)

iii. Enclose also one (1) facial portrait measuring 4' x 3' (inch) white background

  1. All completed forms and documents should be submitted to the Immigration State Command where your file(s) is (are) located for verification and clearance.
  2. When submitting the completed forms and documents, you will be required to present your original passport to verify the papers presented.
  3. When your forms and documents are received, verified, and endorsed by the relevant Immigration State Command, an Immigration/CERPAC Stamp will be applied to your receipt/temporary card. Please ensure that the

Receipt/Temporary Card is authenticated and returned to you. You will also be required to physically come into a CERPAC office to capture your Digital Personal Identification.

  1. Procedure for Regularization of Foreign/International Students
  2. Formal letter of application for regularization from student
  3. Letter of recommendation from the Institution and acceptance of Immigration responsibility

iii. A copy of the Admission letter

  1. A copy of the letter of acceptance
  2. Evidence of payment of school fees
  3. Photocopy of relevant pages of the applicant's passport, including the page of the relevant visa
  4. All other details can be secured from the Nigerian Embassy in your country of origin. You can also contact the Nigerian Immigration Service website: http://www.immigration.gov.ng/for more information.

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