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A visit to Covenant University is always a unique experience for both parents and aspiring students. The University has invested significantly towards providing an enabling environment that would aid quality teaching and sound moral values. This investment helps prepare students for an adventure into a world of uncommon realities. It promotes a culture of excellence that impacts humanity. At Covenant University, you are sure to emerge as a new generation leader – giving direction to the world. Step into Covenant University and experience Royalty.


Our Core Values

The University operates specific core values that guarantee the success of its students. These core values further ensure that our graduates emerge as shining stars in their world.



Good grades and scores are both essential in Covenant University’s admission process. However, the candidates’ core values compliance rating is a critical factor that drives our selection process. Understandably, you might be wondering, what defines our “Compliance Rating”?


Here are the key components:


Remember, there are many ways to making a world leader. Therefore, we are not looking for applicants who already possess critical leadership traits but those committed to developing them.



Collaboration and cooperation are virtues you cannot but see all over our campus. Fostering a collaborative environment is an integral part of the Covenant community. Every student has a course adviser who is available to offer mentorship and support.



Research projects and inspiring lectures are not handouts. They undergo rigorous processes that guarantee quality and success. Opportunities abound at Covenant, but they must be appropriated. For those students who take the initiative – who take advantage of what has been made available to them – Covenant’s resources are unparalleled.



Covenant prides itself in being blessed with an army of people who are not afraid to fail -  people who dare the impossible, believe the incredible, and deliver the unusual. When people take steps of faith in life, they learn resilience as a result – because the actions of faith always lead to success. The most creative and successful people – and Covenant has many of them – know that success is a must and give their best to make things happen. This fact explains why they stay focused and do not give up on their goal until they realise it.



Covenant is an active place for uncommon creativity. Getting your hands busy and trying something new is often the best way to actualise success. We apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems here. We are not just teaching mathematics but delivering life-matics. In other words, life is not just about theory; it is also about practice and being relevant.



You should invest in things that mean something to you – things that would positively impact the world around you. Explore! Choose quality over quantity – you do not have to do a million things to get into a university. Put your heart into a few things that you genuinely care about, and that will be enough. Be hungry for knowledge!



Our community comprises good and highly spiritual people. We are people who care for and lift each other; People who inspire one another to work and dream beyond their potential. We bring in people who, naturally, will sustain the qualities inherent in the Covenant University community.




We want people who have a fear of God, training, stamina, and passion for the long haul. At the same time, we want everyone intending to be a Covenant University student to add something useful or intriguing to the team-  from an excellent temperament or sense of humour, compelling personal experiences to a wide range of individual gifts, talents, and talents, interests, and achievements. We are not interested in a batch of identical perfect marathon races. Instead, our desire is a richly varied team of capable people who support, surprise, and inspire one another.



Covenant University is situated at Kilometer 10, Idiroko Road, Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State.


Covenant University Community

The Covenant community flourishes with a serene, neat, and quiet environment. It is surrounded by natural air from evergreen vegetation paved with beautiful gardens of flowers and trees. Its roads and drainages are well planned, while the streets are made safe with street lamps, road signs, and directions for easy navigation around the campus. Its structures are well built and furnished with modern facilities that make every student’s stay on campus a haven of royalty.


Extracurricular activities

Covenant is also involved in other activities different from academics. For example, there are recreational activities that are either indoor or outdoor. Outdoor activities include Football, Skating, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, among others.


The indoor activities include checkers, chess, ludo, and card playing.

All these and many more spice up the social life of students on campus.

Community Service

Community service in Covenant is a corporate social responsibility an individual student, a group of students, faculty, and staff engage in to give back to the university's community.


Covenant engages in different types of community service, in which students also participate. These include the David Oyedepo Day of Service(DODOS), Covenant University Community Development Initiative Impact(CUCDII), Project One Million Souls, Hope Foundation, etc.


Student Council

This set of leaders oversees the affairs of students on campus. They speak on behalf of the students. They also help to encourage their fellow students academically by organizing tutorials, meetings, and academic seminars.


The Chaplaincy of the University is a body made up of highly spiritual individuals who take up the responsibility of ensuring a spiritual environment on campus. In addition, they are responsible for coordinating chapel services, night devotions, and the Foundation for Fortune programmeon every floor of each hall. We have the Chaplain, Student Chaplain (male and female), Assistant Student Chaplain (male and female), Floor Chaplains, and Hall Chaplains. They assist during the various chaplaincy activities.



The Hebron Bible Foundation teaches the bible. Students write exams to show their level of understanding. The Foundation takesattendance seriously. Without the requisite attendance, participants will not receive certificates.


Covenant CHOIR

The Covenant Choir is not just a group of singers but an army of music ministers committed to showing the glory of God on campus. These include Realms of Glory Choir, Contemporary Choir, Levites, and the Classical Choir.



The service arms of the Chaplaincy include the Reflection Unit (dancing group), Sanctuary Unit (vineyard tenders), Decorative Unit, Hospitality Unit (welcome people to service and do other things), and Communion Unit. Others arethe Ushering Unit, Attendance Unit, Technical Unit (Olive Media), (CUET) Covenant University Evangelism Team, and (CUTG) Covenant University Theatre Group.



Entrepreneurial Development Studies (EDS)

The Entrepreneurial Development Studies. It is a one (1) unit course that equips students with the basic concepts of entrepreneurship. EDS helps students think about the problems they can solve and how they can go about solving them. It helps reduce graduates' unemployment rate by equipping students for business ownership and making them solution providers.



Total Man Concept (TMC) is basically about environmental humanity. TMC enables students to know more about their unique selves and talents. It helps them understand who they are, what they have to give, and how important they are. It also creates some form of awareness about their environment. This programme also has its other visible part - TMC Jogging, designed to improve students’ fitness on campus.




Covenant University Radio (Hebron 95.9 FM) promotes campus-wide student participation. The radio station started broadcasting formally in 2014 and was established as the trainee station in the department of Mass Communication. It caters to the broadcast needs of the university and its environs.




Our medical services are unique and standard. The health care of the students is of great importance to the school. All fresh students undergo a series of mandatory medical tests. The University also has various ties with health organizations such as the Red Cross Society. Health Care delivery is a top priority at Covenant University. Students also register as members of the Red Cross Society group on campus. Occasionally, students undergo medical check-ups to ensure and ascertain their wellness and state of health. The fulcrum of this unique health care delivery is the Medical Centre. It has up-to-date facilities with competent and qualified medical practitioners of diverse specializations,including doctors, nurses, and surgeons. It is acentre with state-of-the-art facilities. It provides health care services to all students, staff and faculty, and the university's neighbouring communities.




This SBU anchors the commercial hub of the University’s community. It has a central shopping center located around the Faith tabernacle in Canaan Land and a medium-sized mall within the University Chapel Building. It stocks a wide range of local and foreign products.



The cafeteria complexcomprises Café 1 and Café 2, both serving the needs of faculty, staff, students, and residents of the University community.


Café 1 is located close to the students’ halls of residence. It is the most used cafeteria by the students. It has a variety of food, fruit, drink, snack, and chops. The Café 1 brands include the Bashan section, which serves chicken, salad, turkey, gizzard, Chinese rice, solid meal, and the Sharon section for rice, dry beans, porridge beans, spaghetti, and fish gizzard, chicken, yam, and others. Others are the Nigerian Solid Meal section (for amala, eba, pounded yam, etc., served with localeforiro, ewedu, gbegiri, etc.) and the Soft Drinks spot for ice cream and drinks. 

Faculty and staff mostly use Café 2, but there is also a section for students. It operatesclose to the colleges and the Covenant University Center for Research Innovation and Discovery (CUCRID) Building. Café 2 has a remarkable façade. It has a section that can be hired for wedding receptions, engagement programmes, dinners, and the like.



The shopping mall is an extended arm of the SBU. It is located in the basement of the University Chapel and has annexes within the halls of residence. It stocks a wide variety of items that can swiftly meet the needs of the students even while in the halls of residence.



Covenant University Bakery is a modern confectionary facility that caters to needs across the University community. Its products include; sliced bread, cookies, scorn, bread, fruity bread, and wheat bread. Its location is about a half kilometer away from the main campus.



The Hebron Water is the table water production factory servicing the University community with hygienic table water. It also has in its production line soft drinks brands, namely, Hebron Tasty Time and Hebron Yogurt.




These are mini outlets on campus where students can get refreshed or relax close to lecture rooms before or after a lecture. They are established, so students do not have to go a long way to eat if they are hungry. They are stocked with finger foods, snacks, drinks, fruits, packs of meals, etc. They can also be found in each hall of residence and lecture theater.



Covenant University  has a comfortable and secure environment. The residential areas are calm and neat and operated by different categories of Hall Officials. At Covenant University, students dress corporately and decently. There is zero tolerance for behaviours that do not portray royalty and Godliness. Fighting, stealing, assault, theft, violence, examination malpractice are forbidden among students. Please see Student Handbook for details on this.

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