Covenant University is Within Your Means

Covenant University is Within Your Means

If you are admitted to Covenant University, we will make sure that the cost of coming to Covenant University is something you can afford.
Covenant University is committed to being financially accessible to the students that we accept. If you belong here, then we will work with you and your parents to make it graceful on their shoulders.

Before fees are increased in Covenant University, there is invariably a strong justification. Now we can distinctly state that our fees are one of the lowest among all private universities within this nation and overseas.

In Covenant University, students can be refunded if the money paid by the students or parent was not necessary. Some of the refundable fees in Covenant University include Medical Fees, Books deposit and Caution fees. These fees operate like a purse where you are only billed based on your spending within an academic session. For example, if a student was not sick at any period in time duration an academic session, the medical fees is taken forward into the following academic session except on occasions where the school decides on a general medical check-up.

Our passion is to nurture a novel generation of leaders who would in turn become wealth creators in the nearest future. It is expected that students and parents will prepare adequately before the start of an academic session to hit the 100% school payment.

We are likewise open to hear from you at any stage in time.

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Available time: 8:00am to 5:00pm Mondays to Fridays


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